Arrival Declaration/Trader at Exit message to Customs

19 September 2023 | Notification of Arrival ECS Cargo

On Monday 25th of September 2023, Portbase will start using the new AES arrival declaration message/Trader at Exit notification. In the service “Notification of Arrival ECS cargo” you will not notice any difference.

Important information: the arrival should always be reported even if the office of Export and Exit are the same. Also, arrival should always be reported before ship departure (ATD ship). For the timeline and transition strategy, please refer to Customs’ AES Exit Webinar starting at minute 24.

Who is responsible for the arrival declaration?
Customs law does not appoint this responsibility to one person. Together with the trade association VOTOB, Vereniging Rotterdamse Cargadoors (VRC) and Alliantie Douane Software (ADS), the advice is to follow attached process for the Arrival at Exit /Trader at Exit Notification. This is an advice, each company can make different agreements.

Want to know more about the AES change and the deadline of 30 September 2023? Click here to go to the Customs website for the changes, schedule and FAQs.