ECT and Euromax support unloading empties under a booking number in HCN Barge as per August 29th

28 August 2023 | Hinterland Container Notification Barge

As from now on, ECT and Euromax support pre-notifying empty containers under a booking number.

It is possible to add the missing container numbers to a closed unloading/loading list until the start of operation of the barge at ECT/Euromax.

This is particularly useful for barge operators that load empty containers at another terminal or depot, just before unloading at ECT/Euromax, and therefore only find out the container numbers very late in the process.

Note: it is possible to further automate this; by establishing a relationship between the data of collecting containers at location A and bringing them to location B, it is possible to re-use the container numbers from the loading confirmations of location A and report them to location B by means of an update. This way you no longer need to worry about this, and manual intervention is a thing of the past. Please contact your software supplier for possibilities.