Various improvements in Vessel Notification

20 June 2022 | Vessel Notification

In the coming period, we will put various improvements live in the “Ship Notification” service. With every change that is put live, we show the well-known pop-up in the PCS.

Filter Visit Overview in the overview screen you can now set various filters so that you can find your visits even faster.

Search function seagoing vessels
A tip has been added to the search field. When searching for an exact match, the search term must be enclosed in “quotes”.

Feedback current draft and PBP
If a ship makes operational contact at Maasaanloop, it can happen that the draft has not been reported correctly. Suppose an expected draft of 13.90 meters has been reported and Maas approach is associated with operational contact that this is 14.40 meters. At that moment, the harbor master registers a current draft of 14.40 meters and changes the Pilot Boarding Place in connection with. a draft of > 14.30 meters from Maascenter to Euro13. The PCS only has an expected depth. This does not change and the PBP remains on Maascenter. This has now been solved by also feeding back the current draft to the PCS and synchronizing the PBP change to the PCS. The agent can now better inform the ship about the location where the pilot will come on board (Euro13). Ideally, the agent reports a correct draft (first time right) so that Pilotage is not surprised when planning a (correct) pilot.

Feedback LOA accepted
During an adapted pilot service (for small or for all ships), where the pilot cannot board due to bad weather, the ship is in some cases eligible for a ‘Distance Pilotage’ (LOA). If the relevant fields have been filled in correctly in the PCS, the Pilotage and the harbor master will assess whether the ship is allowed to enter/exit with a pilot at a distance. If permission is given for this (“LOA accepted”), this is immediately visible in the PCS for the relevant trip.

Delete old trips
At the HCC we see many old trips in our system, sometimes even months old. This obscures our work and therefore kindly ask you to remove it as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor this and will call the relevant agency to account if the undesirable situation continues.

Yours sincerely, also on behalf of Port of Amsterdam and Portbase,

Louis van Waasdijk
Project Manager Division Harbor Master (Rotterdam)
Tel: +31 (0)6 1093 8114

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