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Fixed Window

What is a BTM call (visit)?

Barge Transferium Maasvlakte (BTM) is a collaboration between Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam (ECT) and a consortium of inland terminals and barge operators.

As part of this collaboration, ECT makes a section of quay with a crane and crane team available to the consortium on set days and times at a fixed rate.

The barge operators themselves are responsible for the planning and in mutual consultation, the participating parties determine when and how often they want to moor alongside the quay.

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How can I add my fixed window to HCN Barge?

The terminal with which you have arranged the fixed window will record this agreement in HCN Barge.

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How do I select a fixed window in HCN Barge?

First of all, you must have a fixed window agreement with one or more terminals.

Furthermore, the terminal must have added the fixed window to the service HCN Barge.

Is this the case for both? Then you are able to select your fixed window in the ‘Fixed window’ field when creating a barge visit.

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