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July 07, 2022 | Update on the upgrade of the service Transit Declaration

In the previous news about the rebuilding of the service Transit Declaration, you have read that the service is getting a major upgrade.

We are happy to announce that as of September 5 all users will be transitioned to this updated service.

This means that you create new declarations in the updated service and finish and review declarations in the old service. 

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Mar 17, 2022 | Important upgrade for service Transit Declaration

The service Transit Declaration will get an important update.

After intense preparations, we started a pilot for Transit Declaration 2.0.

This service will ease the process for declarations even more.

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Jun 20, 2022 | Various improvements in Vessel Notification

In the coming period, we will put various improvements live in the "Ship Notification" service. With every change that is put live, we show the well-known pop-up in the PCS.

Filter Visit Overview in the overview screen you can now set various filters so that you can find your visits even faster.

Search function seagoing vessels

A tip has been added to the search field. When searching for an exact match, the search term must be enclosed in “quotes”.

Feedback current draft and PBP

If a ship makes operational contact at Maasaanloop, it can happen that the draft has not been reported correctly. Suppose an expected draft of 13.90 meters has been reported and Maas approach is associated with operational contact that this is 14.40 meters. At that moment, the harbor master registers a current draft of 14.40 meters and changes the Pilot Boarding Place in connection with. a draft of > 14.30 meters from Maascenter to Euro13. The PCS only has an expected depth. This does not change and the PBP remains on Maascenter. This has now been solved by also feeding back the current draft to the PCS and synchronizing the PBP change to the PCS. The agent can now better inform the ship about the location where the pilot will come on board (Euro13). Ideally, the agent reports a correct draft (first time right) so that Pilotage is not surprised when planning a (correct) pilot.

Feedback LOA accepted

During an adapted pilot service (for small or for all ships), where the pilot cannot board due to bad weather, the ship is in some cases eligible for a 'Distance Pilotage' (LOA). If the relevant fields have been filled in correctly in the PCS, the Pilotage and the harbor master will assess whether the ship is allowed to enter/exit with a pilot at a distance. If permission is given for this ("LOA accepted"), this is immediately visible in the PCS for the relevant trip.

Delete old trips

At the HCC we see many old trips in our system, sometimes even months old. This obscures our work and therefore kindly ask you to remove it as soon as possible. We will continue to monitor this and will call the relevant agency to account if the undesirable situation continues.

Yours sincerely, also on behalf of Port of Amsterdam and Portbase,

Louis van Waasdijk
Project Manager Division Harbor Master (Rotterdam)
Tel: +31 (0)6 1093 8114

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Mar 07, 2022 | First step in linking Portbase and Enigma+ ensures efficiency for shipping agents

After a successful pilot, the basic link between Portbase and Enigma+ is active!

Together with North Sea Port, we looked at the wishes of the shipping agents and the link for reporting to the harbour master was established between Portbase and Enigma+.

From March 7, all shipping agents can use this new functionality.

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Jan 12, 2022 | Feedback 2nd evaluation new working method inbound travel

On January 12, the feedback of the second evaluation of the new method of inbound travel took place.

You can view the presentation and video here.

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2022 – March: Coverage in Vlissingen / Zeebrugge and more

  • Coverage for vessel ATA and ATD for vessels arriving in Vlissingen and Terneuzen:

In collaboration with North Sea Port, Portbase establisched a connection with the Enigma+ platform. As a result, the  Actual Time of Arrival (ATA) and Actual Time of DeparturATD updates for vessels arriving in Vlissingen or Terneuzen, (at terminals Kloosterboer, ZZC and Verbrugge) can now be tracked in Cargo Controller.

  • Cut and run renamed to 'discharge not confirmed' :

The status cut and run is normally shown when a discharge confirmation is not received and the vessel has already departed from the terminal. In reality in many situations the equipment has been discharged, but merely has not been confirmed yet through a confirmation message. The cut and run status is therefore often misleading. As of now the status ‘cut and run’ is renamed to ‘discharge not confirmed’, which better reflects the actual status.

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2022 – February: Withdraw document notified to ECT

As of today you can withdraw incorrect document pre-notifications to ECT (Delta/ Euromax) via Notification Import Documentation.

Read in the Quick Start Guide of Notification Import Documentation how the new functionality works.

For other terminals document can only be withdrawn by contacting the terminal directly. please find the contact details in this FAQ.

In addition: Document pre-notifications to ECT (Delta/ Euromax) contain an additional status 'Processing'. This status is displayed when the terminal has received the pre-notification correctly, but has not yet been able to process it in the TOS-system. After processing, the successive status will be 'Accepted' or 'Rejected'. Usually the status processing will change to 'accepted' once the container is discharged.

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2021 – November: Improved ETA

Good news! As of today we introduce a major improvement to the vessels estimated time of arrival in Cargo Controller. Where we used to show only the ETA for port entry, we now automatically update the vessel ETA with arrival at the first berth (as soon as known). This ETA will be much closer to the actual time of arrival of the vessel.

Find out below where you can see the vessel ETA.

The improved ETA is also updated in the Cargo Controller API. Find the most recent specs at

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2021 – August: Improved vessel tracking and more


  • The vessel overview now orders the upcoming vessels better.
  • When tracking new vessels, only upcoming sailings will be shown, ordered on ETA. Past sailings are no longer shown on top.
  • Terminal name for APM terminals Rotterdam (APMTR) has been renamed to Hutchison Ports Delta II (HPDII), as the terminal is part of the Hutchison group since june 1.

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2021 – July: Labels, new filters, broad inspection coverage and many more

New Features

  • Label functionality: add labels to your B/Ls to easily categorize. Read more or watch the instructional video
  • New filter option: filters for a specific time frame are now available
  • Applied filters are now stored after closing Cargo Controller. After re-opening, your previously applied filters are still active.
  • Improved coverage of customs inspections; In case customs manually selects shipments for inspection, those inspections are now shown as well in Cargo Controller. Previously only selections based on automated customs risk assessment were shown.


  • When adding an import document directly from within cargo controller, the terminal name is already prefilled.
  • Improved visualization of applied filters
  • Improved linking of import documents to a B/L (sometimes import document was not shown, while it was registered in notification import documentation)
  • PDF-download of a B/L: improved the listing of weight per goods-item and weight of entire B/L
  • Elaborated API specifications on
  • Copy-pasting improved when pasting values with dashes

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