Can I automatically notify my carrier for inspections at RIT?

Yes. An email notification can be activated for cargo agents in the Inspection Portal: “customs physical inspection in external warehouse”. This is essentially the same email as ‘inspection notified’, but only for physical checks. Specifically for customs inspections in the external customs warehouse (“Fyco – DCL”), a timely assignment to the carrier for transport to the DCL can significantly shorten the lead time.

NB! This method only applies to physical checks in the introduction process, known in the Inspection Portal as “Fyco – DCL”. The method does not work for outgoing cargo and not for inspections by other inspection bodies.

Step 1: Coordinate transport order procedure

As a loading agent you can have this email notification sent to your carrier (e.g. Maasvlakte Transport). As soon as customs announces a physical inspection, an email will be sent directly to the carrier from now on. In consultation with your carrier, you can regard these emails as an order for transport, so that the carrier can immediately schedule the container for transport.

Step 2: Set up email communications

This step should only set up 1 user from your organization.

  1. Log in to the Port Community System
  2. In the main screen, select ‘Notification management’
  3. Enter the email address of your carrier under “customs physical inspection in external warehouse”.
  4. There is no ‘save’ button. Click on the Portbase logo at the top left, you will return to the main screen

From now on, your carrier will receive e-mail messages if your cargo has been selected for customs physical inspection in the external warehouse.

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