Back-up procedure | Cargo Release Manager

This procedure is generic.

In the event of a malfunction at Portbase you can specify per service on the webpage Status whether you would like to be notified. You will receive an e-mail update immediately when a malfunction is identified and the progress of the malfunction will be shared with you by e-mail.

More information about the page Status can be found here and you can also sign up for relevant updates.

The Port Community System (PCS) is unavailable

What to do during a malfunction?

Request your cargo information directly from your shipping company.

If you receive your releases from the shipping company via Cargo Release Manager (by means of the Portbase Secure Chain) and you cannot wait for the fault to be fixed, do the following:

Ask the shipping company to revoke the release via Cargo Release Manager and release the container via the old procedure.

What to do after the malfunction has been resolved?

You can start using Cargo Release Manager again.

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