Can I upload my CVEDs via Excel?

You can easily upload your CVEDs in bulk via our Excel template. In this way you can easily and efficiently process data from your own system in PCS.

Download Excel template

In the inspection overview screen, click on the button ‘Request inspection’ at the top right and the input screen will appear. At the bottom of the screen, click on the ‘Upload CVED(s)’ button.

A small screen pops up where you can download the template.

Fill Excel template

The template contains 2 tabs, where the first tab must be kept and provides you with an explanation of which value should be entered in which column in the second tab. You can then enter these values ​​in the second tab. Save this file, with both tabs, and you can now read in these GGBs in bulk.

Upload Excel template

You can now upload the completed Excel template in the screen via the ‘select’ link or by dragging the file into the gray area. The ‘Upload’ button will then become active.

Excel template processed

If no errors have been made in the template, it will be processed and you will see the following confirmation on the screen.

The CVEDs are now visible in the inspection overview and ready for further processing.


If your template could not be processed, you will receive a red error message and an explanation. Change the data and/or the template based on this explanation and try again. If you still can’t process your file you can always contact Customer Service for support.

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