Do I have to notify transit documents from the UK when goods the Netherlands is not the final destination?

Scenario: You have drawn up a transit document from the United Kingdom (or from Ireland) that continues to accompany the goods until their final destination in the european hinterland (so-called transit document; T1/T2). Hence, the transit documents  should not be signed off in the Netherlands.

To make sure that the goods may proceed through the hinterland to it’s final destination, follow this procedure:

Your carrier ( / ferry operator) will have to declare your goods as ‘passing though upon arrival’.

  1. But you do need to indicate in your booking with your shipping company / ferry operator that you wish to ship goods with a passing transit document. You do this by giving the MRN number of your transit declaration in your booking.
  2. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, the shipping company will submit your transit document to Customs and will submit a pre-notification to the terminal on your behalf.
  3. You do not need to notify the transit document via Notification Import Documentation.

Please note! A transit document from the UK can be recognised by the first 5 characters: “21GB00” A number starting with “21GB01X” is not a transit document, but an export document from the UK.

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