Do I need to prenotify returning empty packaging (roll containers, flower containers, packaging material) from the UK?

In principle, the packaging has lost its Union status and must be declared in order for goods to regain Union status.
How it works:

  • In the case of deepsea/shortsea: you must make an import declaration or a transit declaration. The document number of this declaration must then be prenotified to the terminal via Notification Import Documentation.
  • Special arrangements have been made for ferry traffic.
  1. The ferry operator may make a declaration on your behalf.
  2. The ferry operator will also perform the document prenotification on your behalf.
  3. You do not have to file a declaration with Customs and you do not have to prenotify a document.

Please note! In your booking with the ferry operator, clearly state that you are transporting empty packaging. Also make sure that you comply with the Customs regulations: (in Dutch):

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