You need to be a main user or a user manager of your IAM organisation to access these functionalities.

Log in to the service Cargo Controller, or Cargo Release Manager, and go to User Menu. Select ‘ Manage data authorisations’

The screen will open with the tab ‘ Commercial releases’. Select the shipping company, enter the customer code and click Save.

You will now see the submitted customer codes listed by carrier company name’s. The carrier will immediately receive a notification and will review your verification request.

Start Portbase Secure Chain

In consultation with the carrier, you then decide from which date, or for which B/Ls, commercial releases will be issued in Cargo Controller, or Cargo Release Manager, via the PCS. Portbase has no part in this process, this is purely between your organization and the carrier(s). Your customer code must have the status ‘Accepted’ before the Secure Chain can start.

Manage customer codes

You can have several customer codes per carrier, which you can register individually. In this tab you can see per carrier which customer codes you have registered and you can also manage these by removing expired customer codes using the ‘Delete’ button.

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