How can I report ‘Bonded transport in transit via the Dutch port’?

Dutch customs has written a procedure for reporting bonded transport destined for the European hinterland on the customs manifest.

The procedure requires two actions in Cargo Declaration Import.

1. Goods should be declared with the status ‘EU Customs procedure T1’ on the import manifest

    • In the ‘B/L details field ‘customs status’ select ‘EU Customs Procedure T1’

2. In addition the transit (T1) document reference must be mentioned at B/L level

    • First make sure that a B/L has been created within your manifest, then return to your B/L overview.
    • Click on the B/L to enter the ‘B/L details’.
    • In the ‘B/L details’ screen, you will find the information block ‘B/L goods items’ at the bottom of the screen. Click on the arrow on the right to go to the goods item details (screenshot 1).
    • In the ‘goods item details’ screen, you will find the information block ‘produced documents’ at the bottom of the screen (screenshot 2). Select ‘add document’ and enter the following details:
      • Type:
        • “820” for Customs Procedure T
        • “821” for Customs Procedure T1
        • “822” for Customs Procedure T1
      • ID: the MRN number of the transit (T1) document;
      • Description: leave this field blank
    • Then select ‘save’ to save the document details.

Screenshot 1: “goods item details”

Screenshot 2: “produced documents”

Reporting B/L details via a system interface

If you send the B/L details via a system interface, you (or your software supplier) the following instructions apply:

In the IFTMCS message, the transit document can be stated under the segment RFF+ACE ‘related document number’. The new code ‘821’ has been added to this segment. The message specifications for the IFTMCS message can be downloaded via our developer portal.

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