How can I revoke a prenotified document?

If you have accidentally prenotified an incorrect document, you can request ECT Delta or Euromax to cancel the document via the service Notification Import Documentation. For other terminals, this can only be done by phone or e-mail, your can read more about that here.

Revoke a pre-notified document

Only documents with the status ‘Approved’ can be cancelled. Documents with the status ‘Sent’ or ‘Rejected’ cannot be cancelled.

In the details screen of the document notification, select ‘Withdraw notification’

In the confirmation screen, select ‘Withdraw’ again:

You will see a confirmation that the cancellation request has been submitted to the terminal. You cannot pre-notify a new document at this time, as long as this request has not been processed.

The terminal will let you know (after a short delay) if the request has been accepted or rejected. You can check this in the ‘status’ column or in the timeline in the details window. A terminal may choose to deny the request, for example, if the container has been picked up or is ready to be picked up.

Your cancellation request can have the following statuses in the timeline:

  • Status ‘Sent’: your cancellation request has been sent to the terminal
  • Status ‘Cancellation request processing’: your cancellation request is being processed by the terminal
  • Status ‘Cancelled’: your cancellation request has been accepted by the terminal
  • Status ‘Cancellation rejected’: your cancellation request has been rejected by the terminal. A terminal may refuse a cancellation request, for example because the container has already left the terminal. In this case, the document will not be deleted. Please contact the terminal to discuss a solution.

After the erroneous pre-notification has been removed, you can submit a new document pre-notification.

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