How do I know when a B/L has been removed?

In some situations, B/Ls are removed from a manifest. If your tracked B/L is deleted, all updates in Cargo Controller will be deleted, via API you will also see a ‘Deleted’ status update. To be sure of the status of your B/L, you can activate an e-mail notification so that you will immediately receive an e-mail if your B/L has been deleted. In this e-mail you can see which actions can be taken.

Set notification
You can set up email notifications for major status changes. This way you stay simple or informed if the status of your tracked load changes.

1. Open the user preferences (the round button with your initials at the top right of the main screen).
2. Choose ‘Notification settings’
3. Via the slider you can switch an e-mail notification on or off. Email notifications are sent to the email address of your PCS account.

B/L available again
If your deleted B/L becomes available again on another manifest, we will automatically link it again for you. However, if an MID or Domproc was submitted on this B/L, it will have to be re-entered manually.

Was there already a domproc notification on this B/L?
If a B/L is removed from a manifest, the domproc notification is automatically removed by Customs. You will receive a default error code 6236_2738. If the B/L becomes available again, you must submit a domestic process report yourself.

Was a document pre-notified at the terminal on this B/L?
Check whether the documents for the correct terminal have been pre-notified. Has the unloading terminal been changed? Then make sure that you pre-register the documents for the correct terminal.

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