I am the nominated haulier and I want to register a subcontractor for the prenotification and collection of the container(s). What should I do?

You now have two options, depending on your situation:

  1. If you perform the prenotification yourself and outsource the collection of the container, you can arrange this via Handlings. There is no change to your current workflow. If another party is performing the transport for you, please read the instructions for ECT Remote Check-in.
  2. If you wish to nominate another haulier for both prenotification and collection of the container, please arrange this via Shipments. You need to nominate and register another haulier for your container(s) in the Shipments dashboard, under Shipments, by clicking the Forward button.

By means of these actions, your haulier is added to the Portbase Secure Chain and all CargoCards linked to this organisation will be recognised. Failure to do this will result in the haulier being denied access to the terminal. If the commercial release has been issued, you can submit the prenotification.

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