Overview and differences Cargo Controller & Cargo Release Manager

Only together we can make the container release process and hence the logistics chain more secure. The ‘key’ in the form of a PIN code disappears. Each party in the chain authorises the next party in the logistics chain. Only those authorised parties can perform actions and access confidential data.

Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager
The services Cargo Controller and Cargo Release Manager are part of the Secure Chain, a new process to safely and securely share data with each other in the Dutch ports. You need either Cargo Controller or Cargo Release Manager to enter the Secure Chain and control your chain(s).

With Cargo Controller you get real-time Track & Trace information. You have full control and insight into the cargo, to ensure it is handled correctly and proactively.

With Cargo Release Manager you can view basic cargo information and can direct your chain partners.

The overview below shows the differences between the two services:

* One-time connection fee per service, excl. VAT

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Support pages

Here you will find practical information on how to expand and use Cargo Controller.

Here you will find practical information on how to use Cargo Release Manager.

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