The shipment/container cannot be found for my import notification; what’s going on?

When a shipment/container cannot be found, there are a number of possible explanations:

  • No information on the shipment/container is available within the service Import Status. The details will be known to us at least a few hours before arrival. Please try again at a later time.
  • A typo has been made when entering the shipment number or container number. Double-check the number and correct it if necessary.
  • The shipment or container is not due to arrive at the selected terminal. Select the correct terminal and try again.

    Shipment numbers of ferry-operators have the following format (SCAC + bookingnumber + sequence number):

    CLDN: CLVW0012345678001

    DFDS/KVSA: DFDS123456780001

    P&O: PONFHU12345678001

    Stena Line: STNL0012345678001

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