If you have questions about a declaration, for example if a document/MRN has been refused on arrival at the terminal, you should contact Customs in the country where the declaration was made. If the declaration was made in the Netherlands, you can contact the National Customs Helpdesk.

See below for the contact details of Customs in the Netherlands and in the main countries of origin:

  For ECS Cargo For NCTS cargo
Country Telephone mail Telephone mail
Netherlands +31 (0)88 1566655 nhd.apeldoorn@belastingdienst.nl +31 (0)88 1566655 nhd.apeldoorn@belastingdienst.nl
Germany +49 40428202324 nsd-ecs@zoll.bund.de +49 40428202324 nsd-ecs@zoll.bund.de
Belgium: preferred Customs contact via Mail +32 25793333 helpdesk.ecs@minfin.fed.be +32 25763066 ncts.be.helpdesk@minfin.fed.be
Poland +48 126290154 ecs.hd@kra.mofnet.gov.pl +35 1218813942 helpdesk@ncts-centrum.mofnet.gov.pl

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