What are the syntax requirements for an import document?

Portbase validates the correctnes of documentnumbers based on a set of criteria.

Especially customs-documents (transitdocuments and import documents) have strict requirements.

MRN NT1 IM4 IM7 PIE Overige documenttypes
Is the customer authorised for notifications with the terminal? X X X X X X
Documentnumber is max 35 characters long X
Documentnumber is 18 characters long X X X X X
Documentnumber contains correct checkdigit X X X X X
Documentnumber contains countrycode NL (character 3 + 4) X X X X X X
Documentnumber starts with correct year
(current year or year -1)
Documentnumber contains the according customs office number of departure for this terminal* X X
Documentnumber does not contain a customs office number X X X
Documentnumber is not an export document from the UK X X also applies to
documenttype ‘FWV’

* Please find an overview of the valid customs officenumber for each terminal

Example: “21NL00051015132BD2″ is a transit document in the simplified procedure for a terminal located at the Maasvlakte (e.g. APM terminals)

Terminal Name Zipcode Customs Office 
Normal Procedure
Customs Office 
Simplified Procedure
APM Terminals Maasvlakte II B.V. 3199 LC NL000511 NL000510
Hutchison Ports Delta II 3199 LA NL000511 NL000510
Barge Center Waalhaven B.V. 3089 KR NL000511 NL000510
Broekman Distriport B.V. 3197 KM NL000511 NL000510
CCT Moerdijk 4782 PM NL000855 NL000855
CLDN (C.RO Ports) Rotterdam 3197 KG NL000511 NL000510
CLDN (C.RO Ports) Vlissingen 4389 PA NL000855 NL000855
DFDS Seaways Rotterdam (Vlaardingen 3134 KL NL000511 NL000510
ECT Delta Terminal B.V. 3199 LD NL000511 NL000510
Euromax Terminal B.V. 3199 LZ NL000511 NL000510
KVSA (DFDS) IJmuiden 1975 AG NL000854 NL000854
Matrans Rotterdam Terminal B.V. 3195 KN NL000511 NL000510
Kramer Delta Depot 3199 LB NL000511 NL000510
Kloosterboer Vlissingen BV 4455 TE NL000855 NL000855
Kramer City Rotterdam 3199LB NL000511 NL000510
TMA Terminals B.V. 1047 HM NL000854 NL000854
P&O Ferries Rotterdam (Europoort) 3198 LG NL000511 NL000510
R.B.C. Terminal B.V. 3197 LD NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam Container Terminal B.V. 3199 LB NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal 3089KM NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) 3199 KD NL000511 NL000510
Stena Line Rotterdam (Europoort) 3151XN NL000511 NL000510
Stena Line Hoek van Holland 3151 HS NL000511 NL000510
Verbrugge Terminals 4389PC NL000855 NL000855
Waalhaven Botlek Terminal (WBT) 4389PC NL000511 NL000510
Zoomweg Zeeland Coldstore 3197 KV NL000855 NL000855

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