Functional feedback

14 November 2023 | Vessel Notification

Notification received by the harbor master

After sending your notification to the harbor master, the corresponding icon of that notification turns blue:

This means that your notification has been sent. If all goes well, it will turn green shortly thereafter. This means that your notification has been received in the harbor master’s system (HaMIS) and is therefore technically in order. This says nothing yet about a substantive assessment by the harbor master.

Functional feedback

As of Wednesday, November 15, 2023, the harbor master sends the result of his assessment back to the PCS digitally. We call this the “functional feedback” and deals with the content of the message. The result will be visible in the same icons:

There are four variants:

Blue arrow                               The harbor master is processing your report;

Green tag                                  The harbor master agrees;

Orange exclamation point    The harbor master agrees for now. However, you still need to correct or complete your report;

Red cross                                  The harbor master does not agree. You are not allowed to commence your voyage.

In the taskbar, you will see icons associated with the current trip or related to the entire visit (e.g., the MDOH). So if the inbound trip is OK and has no ATA yet, the icon is green, even if the outgoing trip is NOT OK and still orange, for example.

You will see the status (pending) or the result of the review under the corresponding trip:

With a remark, such as:


The harbor masters of Groningen, Harlingen, Den Helder and Scheveningen already provided functional feedback through the PCS. They will continue to send only an agree or disagree (for now). Agents of these ports will therefore not receive orange exclamation points.

Visit overview

You will see the same icons in the “Visit overview” screen so that there too you will be triggered to review, correct or add to the result of the harbor master’s assessment:

Clearance e-mail will expire

Currently, you will also still receive the results of the content review via the so-called “Clearance e-mail” sent from HaMIS. This e-mail is going to expire soon!

Subscribe to notifications

Instead of receiving the “Clearance e-mail” from HaMIS, it is now possible to set up notifications for functional feedbacks via “Preferences”. You can now choose to:

  • Stop receiving emails at all
  • Receive e-mail notifications from the PCS
  • Receive SMS notifications from the PCS