New Excel-template for the purpose of the Search and Rescue reporting obligation

14 November 2023 | Notification Crew & Passengers

From Monday November 20th 2023 you can use the new Excel template for the Search and Rescue reporting obligation. It concerns the template used for the PAX message, which will be sent to the Coast Guard via Single Window. With this adjustment you can easily comply with the new Search and Rescue (SAR) reporting obligation. As of December 21th 2023 sending this message is mandatory.

Why this adjustment?

According to the current registration requirement, passenger ships only have to register passenger details for border control purposes. This registration requirement will be converted to a reporting obligation. This reporting obligation will enable the Coast Guard to request passengers data during search and rescue operations.

Whom does it concern?

The SAR reporting obligation is applicable to passenger ships carrying more than 12 persons. The shipping company must report the details of passengers before arriving at a Dutch port if the last port visited is not in the European Union. The shipping company must also report departure from a Dutch port, a valuable destination of the ship.

What should I do?

The new template can already be downloaded so that you can share it within your organization.

Please note the following:

  • As of November 20th 2023 you can upload the new template in the Crew and Passengers Notification service;
  • As of December 18th 2023 you will not be able to use the old template (version 1.4)!

Read the full article by the Coast Guard for more information.