New feature: The Timeline

14 March 2024 | Cargo Release Manager

With the upcoming changes in the Trust Chain functionalities, there will also be an extension specifically for Cargo Release Manager: The Timeline.

Cargo Controller users are already familiar with this, but for Cargo Release Manager this will be an extension that will provide additional insight into all activities surrounding the Secure Chain.

NB! As with the other upcoming changes, Portbase will share this information in advance and we will inform you again when we have implemented these changes.

Secure Chain timeline

In the overview screen, click on the “Details” button for a B/L. You will then see a second tab at the top with “Timeline”.

In the timeline in Cargo Release Manager we only show actions that are related to the Secure Chain, in Cargo Controller you have access to many more registrations and insights surrounding the import process.

Each Secure Chain action, such as nominating a carrier, is then shown with the date and time of both your organization and those of your chain partners.