Results user survey Notification Arrival ECS Cargo and Notification Cargo Export Bulk

18 July 2023 | Notification of Arrival ECS Cargo

In the coming months, Portbase will be rebuilding the services Notification of Arrival ECS Cargo and Cargo Declaration Export Bulk. At Portbase, we are committed to ensuring that our services are aligned with the needs of our community – which is why we conducted a user survey last June in order to understand what users think of the service and whether there are things that need improving.

The survey was sent to all users of the bulk services. We have received feedback from many of you, for which we are grateful. Naturally, we want to share the most important results with you.

Users are currently reasonably satisfied with the services; Notification of Arrival ECS Cargo received an average rating of 7.4 and Cargo Declaration Export Bulk 7.6.

There appears to be room for improvement in the following areas: clarifying the feedback on the submitted outbound manifest or arrival at exit; the relevance of the information fed back; and further highlighting functionalities such as copying export shipments.

Finally, various improvements were suggested, which Portbase will be looking into in the time to come.

Thanks to you, the survey has given us a good idea of how the service is perceived and where opportunities for improvement lie. This input will be used by the working group that we will be setting up.

Naturally we will keep you posted about the reconfiguration of these services.