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Which terminals work with the load/discharge list functionality?




ECT Delta
RST Noord & Zuid

Why is there a cut-off time for a barge load-discharge list?

The introduction of the automatic cut-off, which creates a final load-discharge list, is necessary for Nextlogic’s integrated planning. Based on the data in the final load-discharge lists, Nextlogic can further optimise the integrated planning for Nextlogic participants.

To ensure a straightforward working method, the same principle has been applied to manual planning.

What does the cut-off for the load-discharge list involve?

All the prenotifications submitted for a barge visit together make up the load-discharge list. The load-discharge list is automatically closed at the terminal a few hours before the barge arrives. This is the so-called cut-off time. After this, the load-discharge list status is final and no further changes are possible.

What are the cut-off times?

Different times may apply per terminal and for loading empty containers, loading full containers, unloading empty containers and unloading full containers. For barges with a mixed cargo, the earliest cut-off time determines when the entire load-discharge list is closed for the visit.

Cut-off time in uren

cut-off time generalcutt-off time discharging empty
ECT Euromax8
ECT Delta8

How can you tell when the cut-off has passed and the load-discharge list is final?

During a scheduled visit, a green dot with a white check mark is shown.

When an additional ‘padlock’ icon is shown, the load-discharge list has been finalised.

Are all green and red prenotifications shown in the final load-discharge list?

No, only those prenotifications that are in order (or ‘green’) will be included in the final load-discharge list. The result is a load-discharge list containing only 'green' prenotifications.

All prenotifications found not be in order (‘red’ prenotifications) are rejected in MCA Barge.

Where can I see the rejected prenotifications?

After the cut-off, the ‘red’ prenotifications are automatically rejected in MCA Barge. These remain visible to the barge operator under the handlings of the visit in question and are marked ‘rejected’.

Can ‘green’ prenotifications on a final load-discharge list still turn ‘red’?

Yes, that can happen. For example, if a customs inspection or embargo is announced after the cut-off time. The prenotification will remain on the final load-discharge list for the time being; the container will not be loaded or unloaded by the terminal.

How can I make a change after the cut-off?

If changes are required to a final load-discharge list (after the cut-off), this can only be done by contacting the terminal directly. The terminal operator can then reopen the load-discharge list in MCA Barge. After this, the barge operator makes the changes and must then again close the load-discharge list in MCA Barge itself. As soon as all changes have been made, the barge operator closes the load-discharge list by clicking on the "Finalize Load-Discharge list” button.

How do I proceed if I notice that my vessel will be unable to meet the slot time at ECT as specified in HCN Barge?

As a barge operator, we expect you to adjust the ETA in HCN Barge in accordance with the expected delay in these kinds of situations.

Once my vessel has been scheduled at ECT in HCN Barge, how can I still benefit from any capacity becoming available sooner?

If you want to take advantage of any capacity that becomes available at ECT sooner as a barge operator, you must specify the earliest time that your barge can be at the terminal via the ETA in HCN Barge. ECT takes these specified ETAs into account when replanning.

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