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Is it possible to cancel a status request (COPINO 13)?

It is unfortunately not possible to cancel a status request (COPINO 13). This will automatically expire or be overwritten when you submit a new status request (COPINO 13) or a prenotification (COPINO 9).

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I would like to adjust the arrival time, where and how can I do this?

Should the arrival time of a truck change, then you can adjust the ETA from the overview screen. Click on the timeslot to adjust the ETA.

Regarding APM Maasvlakte II, APM Terminals Rotterdam, Rotterdam World Gateway or Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals, the linked containers are pre-notified at the terminal again and the new status/TAR information is retrieved after the new ETA has been submitted. Hutchison Ports ECT Delta en Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax do not support the changing of pre-notifications. At these terminals, it is only possible to cancel the notification and reuse it for a new pre-notification or create a completely new one.

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How can I delete my pre-notification? (Road Planning)

You can delete your pre-notification by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant line and clicking the ‘delete’ button at the bottom left. The pre-notification will next be cancelled at the relevant terminal.
This generates a Cancel message which must also be accepted by the terminal in order to change the status to cancelled.

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How can I cancel my pre-notification?

You can delete your pre-notification by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant line and clicking the ‘unlink’ button at the bottom left. The pre-notification will next be cancelled at the relevant terminal.
This generates a Cancel message which must also be accepted by the terminal in order to change the status to cancelled.

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Can a sent manifest be deleted?

A sent manifest cannot be deleted.
The manifest must always feature at least one container with a document.
What you can do is enter a ‘non-existent’ document and link this to a ‘non-existent’ container number. You must request permission from Customs for this. If you have received permission from Customs, you can enter the ‘fake’ document and link it to the manifest.

For example:
Document type: ZZZ
Container number ERROR0000001
Document number: Date of exit

Next, you can send an UPDATE to Customs listing the document without all other containers; the other containers must be deleted.
The export manifest remains in the system.

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I want to delete/change my document, is this possible?

If the notification has not yet been submitted to the terminal, you can click on the line and make any necessary adjustments. You can also delete the notification by clicking on ‘delete’ at the bottom.

If the notification has already been submitted to the terminal, it cannot be removed via Portbase. You can however submit the notification with the correct information in Portbase again.
You must inform the terminal about the erroneous notification to avoid complications. Also do this if you have used the wrong document type.

Hutchison Ports ECT Delta and Euromax
If the change of terminal remains limited to the ECT terminals (Hutchison Ports ECT Delta Terminal/Euromax Terminal), no action is required on your part. The ECT system only links the notification to a terminal after the container has been unloaded.

You can remove the import documentation (E-service MRN Document) that you have submitted yourself via the ECT website. You can do this via ‘Order Overviews’ and ‘Document Order Overview’ using the red cross behind the line. If the cancellation status continues to be ‘Received’, this means that a pre-notification has already been received to retrieve the container. If this is the case, an automatic email will be sent to the Team Coordinator Data Management/GAD; he/she will verify if the document can be deleted and if this is possible will perform this action. You will not receive any notifications about this. You can check which documents are attached to the container by consulting Tracking & Tracing in the My Services section of the ECT website.

If you do not have login details for the ECT website, you can request these from or call the ECT Gate & Administration Desk: +31 181-278088.

Other terminals
If a different terminal is involved, you can contact the terminal in question using the email addresses below:

APM Terminals Rotterdam:
APM Maasvlakte II:
Barge Center Waalhaven:
Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG): with a CC to The telephone number of Customs at the terminal: +31 (0)10-7422185
CCT Moerdijk: or +31 (0)168-334289 (Jeroen Monster or Ivo Hilhorst)
Kloosterboer: or +31 (0)118-486359
Broekman Distriport: or
TMA Amsterdam: or +31 (0)20 – 705 2444
Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals: or +31 (0)10 - 294 2422
Verbrugge Vlissingen: or +31 (0)118 – 42 63 90

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How can I add a new license number or change an existing license?

A new license can be added to the ‘address book’ when creating a new Notification Local Clearance. Click on the ‘Select an option’ arrow and next on ‘add’ for a new license or on the pen icon if you want to make a change. If multiple B/Ls are selected, only previously entered licenses can be selected.

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I cannot remove the berth. How do I fix this?

A berth can only be removed if it has not yet received an ATA. If the berth has not yet received an ATA, it can be removed. Make sure that no cargo, hazardous substances or waste materials have been reported at these berths. These will have to be removed first. If nothing has been booked for the berth, the berth can be removed. You can remove a berth in the vessel call by means of the trash can.

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Can an ATA or ATD still be removed?

It is possible to remove the ATA and ATD. However, you must first contact the Port Authority. Both the ATA and the ATD are automatically issued by the Port Authority. As soon as you receive an email confirming that the ATA/ATD may be removed, you can forward this to the Portbase service desk. We can use this to assist you in removing the ATA or ATD for the trip specified.

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I am unable to cancel my trip. The system indicates that it still has cargo listed. How do I fix this?

When receiving this notification, it is important to check which party has cargo booked on this trip:

  • Is it you? Then make sure that this cargo is removed from the service Cargo Declaration Import. Make sure that you do send the SAL to Customs after you have removed it. As soon as this has been done, it becomes possible to cancel the trip.
  • Is it another agent? Then said agent needs to remove the cargo in its screen. You need to contact the agent and request them to remove this cargo. You also need to ask them to re-send the SAL.

Hazardous substances
If the system indicates that hazardous substances are still listed on the vessel call, then use Cargo Declaration Import to locate the hazardous substances notification. Next click on the flame icon so that you are taken to the notification. Here, the possibility also exists that another agent has reported their hazardous substances and they need to remove this in the same manner. After that, you can remove the hazardous substances per consignment via the trash can. Next save this, after which the vessel call can be cancelled.

Does the system indicate that waste is still listed on the vessel call? Then click on the tab ‘Waste Declaration’ in the vessel call. You will we taken to ‘Waste Declaration’, where you can remove waste by clicking on the CANCEL button. Once this has been done, the vessel call can also be cancelled.

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I am unsuccessful in transferring the ship to another agent. Why is that?

There are various reasons why you might be unsuccessful in transferring a vessel call to another agent:

  • The vessel call has been rejected with a berth sequence error. If that is the case, it is also not possible to transfer the vessel call. When a berth sequence error is shown in the screens, this means that the specified berth sequence does not correspond to the information available to the Port Authority. The order of the berths will need to be adjusted. You can contact the Port Authority for this or consult the e-mail with the correct order of berths sent by the Port Authority.
  • An inactive cargo handling agent has been used. In that case, the vessel call cannot be transferred either. If you have used one or more inactive cargo handling agents, you must delete them and next hit save. After that, it is possible to transfer the ship.
  • In order to be able to transfer the ship to another agent, it is important that the berths are set to ‘arrived’. All previously specified berths will need to have an ATA in order to be able to transfer them.

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I have entered the wrong modality

To be on the safe side, we recommend that you contact the terminal. Although the modality is not yet in use, your haulier may have problems if it turns out that you specified the wrong modality.

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Is it possible to edit the content of the IMOFAL 3?

The IMOFAL 3 is now becoming the Single Window STO message, which must be used to submit the ship’s stores. It is not possible to correct errors in that message. This means that – once you have submitted the message to Customs via the Port Community System (PCS) – it is no longer possible to edit or cancel the message. So long as you have not yet submitted the message to Customs, you will remain able to upload new
(corrected) versions in the PCS.

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How do I edit the Download file?

When using the download function, you will receive a CSV document. This document can then be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. In Excel, you can select the entire column A and then, via the ‘Data’ tab, use the function ‘Text to columns’. In the window that opens, select ‘Delimited’ and then click ‘next’. In the following window, select ‘comma’ as the only delimiter. Then click on ‘Finish’. Once you have done this, all your data will be divided into columns.

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