Is it possible to move a barge name associated with a visit or a barge call?

At terminals where barge appointments are automatically processed, a barge visit cannot be moved if its status is ‘Requested’.
This however is possible at terminals that process barge calls manually.

You can move a barge call from one barge rotation to another barge rotation. By doing so, you automatically change the barge name.

You can do this in MCA Barge as follows:

  1. Open the visit you want to change
  2. Choose “Move visit”
  3. Select the barge rotation to which the call needs to be moved
  4. Select “Move”
  5. The visit has now been changed to another barge
    • The original barge call ID is retained
    • The scheduled times are retained
    • The container pre-notifications will remain listed at the terminal under the same barge call ID

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