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The central gateway for submitting summary declarations to Customs.


Frequently Asked Questions

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The manifest has been rejected, but we cannot determine why. What is the reason for this?

There are several reasons why a manifest is rejected by Customs. You can set notification e-mails for this; this notification will contain the error message that Customs sends along with the rejection. You can fix the error message yourself and submit the message again.


IFTMCS has been sent but the B/L is not displayed in the web screens. Why is this?

This is commonly caused by the fact that certain data is missing in the submitted notification, such as the postal code of the consignee or another party. Check if all the data has been entered in your system. For many errors, negative aparaks and mail notifications are also sent. You can set these notifications under ‘My Profile’, notifications settings.

How can I report ‘Bonded transport in transit via the Dutch port’?

Bonded transport destined for the European hinterland (not ending in the port) should be declared with the status ‘EU Customs procedure T1’ on the import manifest in Cargo Declaration Import . In addition the transit (T1) document reference must be stated under ‘produced documents’, as part of the ‘B/L goods item details’.

Reporting B/L details via the internet

  • In the ‘B/L details’ screen, you will find the information block ‘B/L goods items’ at the bottom of the screen. For every required goods regulation, click here on the arrow on the right to go to the goods item details.
  • In the ‘goods item details’ screen, you will find the information block ‘produced documents’ at the bottom of the screen. Select ‘add document’ here and enter the following details:
    • Type: 821; code for transit documents (T1);
    • ID: the MRN number of the transit (T1) document;
    • Description: please do not complete this field.
  • Then select ‘save’ to save the document details.

Reporting B/L details via a system interface

If you send the B/L details via a system interface, you (or your software supplier) must observe the following instructions:

In the IFTMCS message, the transit document can be stated under the segment RFF+ACE ‘related document number’. The new code ‘821’ has been added to this segment. The message specifications for the IFTMCS message can be requested via our website.

Which equipment types are supported in Melding Lading Import?

Cargo Declaration Import support various equipment types: containers, trailers, swap body en chassis.

  • Declare cargo via WEB: Via manual entry it is possible to select an equipment type. When you select an equipment type other than container, the field 'size/type' will be hidden as the system will add this automatically depending on the selected equipment type.
  • Declare cargo via system interface: When using a system interface, the different equipment types can be reported via the IFTMCS message. The guidelines regarding equipment types can found in the messages specification, which can be found via our message specifications webpage.

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