Prepare for a disruption with the back-up service of Hinterland Container Notification Road

13 July 2023 | Hinterland Container Notification Road

Based on customer feedback, you as a haulier have indicated that it is important for you to receive better information and assistance in case of breakdowns. This prompted Portbase to scrutinise and tighten the roadmap of the back-up procedure of Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Road.

What is Road Back-up?
Road Back-up is a service, separate from HCN Road, to continue submitting pre-notifications in a case of failure within HCN.

This separate system also requires a separate login.

Don’t be taken by surprise and request your details now. Then, when an malfunction occurs, you can switch directly to the back-up service and continue to submit your pre-notifications.

What resources do we have for you?

  1. Per terminal, you will know how to act in case of failure
  2. Retrieve your login details for Road Back-up easily
  3. Go through the steps of the Quick Start Guide for Road Back-up for submitting a pre-notification
  4. Quickly and clearly see which information runs via Road Back-up