Port Community System

Portbase Port Community System (PCS) is the digital connection to smart Dutch ports. PCS has almost national coverage and is available for all port sectors: containers, general cargo, dry bulk and liquid bulk. Everyone in the logistics chain can exchange information via PCS easily and efficiently.

On this page you will learn how to use the Port Community System in general. Think of standard navigation within the PCS, setting up notifications, Account Management etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Error messages

User Management: I am getting the error: Authentication failed. Please try again.

Check in this case whether u filled in the correct organisation name, user name or password. If you cannot remember one of these data, you can ask this to your user administrator. If you do not know who the user administrator is, or you are the user administrator, please contact our servicedesk.

User Management: I am getting to message error: You have committed too many login failures. Your user account is locked.

When you receive this message, your account has been locked. Please contact your user administrator. If you do not know who the user administrator is (or you are the user administrator), please contact our servicedesk.


User Management: I can’t see services under ‘My Services’

The user administrator did not add you yet to the user group(s). Please contact your user administrator. If you don't know who this is please contact our servicedesk.

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