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What is Discharge Information?

With Discharge information, the terminal feeds back the actual unloaded weight to the manifest. This update is shared with all parties in the chain and port involved in the unloading process. The stowage data specified can also be reused one-on-one in the Hazardous Goods Notification to the Harbor Master.

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What are the syntax requirements for an import document?

Portbase validates the correctnes of documentnumbers based on a set of criteria.

Especially customs-documents (transitdocuments and import documents) have strict requirements.

MRN NT1 IM4 IM7 PIE Overige documenttypes
Is the customer authorised for notifications with the terminal? X X X X X X
Documentnumber is max 35 characters long X
Documentnumber is 18 characters long X X X X X
Documentnumber contains correct checkdigit X X X X X
Documentnumber contains countrycode NL (character 3 + 4) X X X X X X
Documentnumber starts with correct year
(current year or year -1)
Documentnumber contains the according customs office number of departure for this terminal* X X
Documentnumber does not contain a customs office number X X X
Documentnumber is not an export document from the UK X X also applies to
documenttype 'FWV'

* Please find an overview of the valid customs officenumber for each terminal

Example: "21NL00051015132BD2" is a transit document in the simplified procedure for a terminal located at the Maasvlakte (e.g. APM terminals)

Terminal Name Zipcode Customs Office 
Normal Procedure
Customs Office 
Simplified Procedure
APM Terminals Maasvlakte II B.V. 3199 LC NL000511 NL000510
Hutchison Ports Delta II 3199 LA NL000511 NL000510
Barge Center Waalhaven B.V. 3089 KR NL000511 NL000510
Broekman Distriport B.V. 3197 KM NL000511 NL000510
CCT Moerdijk 4782 PM NL000855 NL000855
CLDN (C.RO Ports) Rotterdam 3197 KG NL000511 NL000510
CLDN (C.RO Ports) Vlissingen 4389 PA NL000855 NL000855
DFDS Seaways Rotterdam (Vlaardingen 3134 KL NL000511 NL000510
ECT Delta Terminal B.V. 3199 LD NL000511 NL000510
Euromax Terminal B.V. 3199 LZ NL000511 NL000510
KVSA (DFDS) IJmuiden 1975 AG NL000854 NL000854
Matrans Rotterdam Terminal B.V. 3195 KN NL000511 NL000510
Kramer Delta Depot 3199 LB NL000511 NL000510
Kloosterboer Vlissingen BV 4455 TE NL000855 NL000855
Kramer City Rotterdam 3199LB NL000511 NL000510
TMA Terminals B.V. 1047 HM NL000854 NL000854
P&O Ferries Rotterdam (Europoort) 3198 LG NL000511 NL000510
R.B.C. Terminal B.V. 3197 LD NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam Container Terminal B.V. 3199 LB NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal 3089KM NL000511 NL000510
Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG) 3199 KD NL000511 NL000510
Stena Line Rotterdam (Europoort) 3151XN NL000511 NL000510
Stena Line Hoek van Holland 3151 HS NL000511 NL000510
Verbrugge Terminals 4389PC NL000855 NL000855
Waalhaven Botlek Terminal (WBT) 4389PC NL000511 NL000510
Zoomweg Zeeland Coldstore 3197 KV NL000855 NL000855

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Adding overlanded containers to a manifest (with port of loading selection) in 3 steps.

1 - Select all (or part) and click Add to manifest

2 - The overlandeds are now out of the picture and must be added to a consignment => click on Add consignment.

=> consignment entry screen opens.

3 - Fill in all necessary and desired details (e.g. choose a port of loading) and click on Save en Send.

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How do you switch to a different Internet browser?

Switch to Firefox
Mozilla Firefox is available for almost every platform you can think of: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. You can download the browser from Mozilla's website and then follow the instructions to install it.
When you start Firefox for the first time, it will ask you if you want to import data from another browser. This will allow you to download favourites and bookmarks from almost any other browser. From Chrome and Internet Explorer, you can also bring cookies, history, and saved passwords.

Switching to Chrome
Google Chrome is available for the same platforms as Firefox: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (where it is often the default browser) and iOS. You can download the browser from Google's website and then follow the instructions to install it.
When you first start Chrome, you'll be asked if you want to transfer data from another browser. From Firefox, you can take favourites, history, saved passwords, search engine preferences and form data. Internet Explorer allows you to transfer favourites, history and saved passwords, and Edge and Safari only allow you to transfer favourites.

Switching to Edge
Switching to Microsoft Edge is easiest if you already use Internet Explorer, Microsoft's previous and now obsolete browser. You can take almost all data with you. You do this by clicking on the menu button at the top right and then on 'Settings'. Then select "import and export". Now you can select which browser you want to import data from.

Note: For Chrome, you can take along favourites, history, cookies, passwords and settings. Firefox only has favourites.

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How can I set up e-mail notifications?

Read how to set up e-mail notifications in our instruction manual.

In case you have e-mail notifications configured in Cargo Information, please reconfigure the notifications in Cargo Controller.

The (old) notification settings in cargo information can then be deleted.

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What is the source of the information in Cargo Controller?

The following overview shows you all the functionalities and data sources for Cargo Controller and Cargo Tracker.

Source Cargo Controller Cargo Tracker
Vessel status information (ETA/ATA) Shipping company/shipbroker for voyage x x
Information about the cargo Shipping company/shipbroker customs manifest x x
Time of discharge Terminal x x
Inspection status Dutch customs x x
Document prenotification Submitter of document prenotification x x
Gate-out Terminal x

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Which shipping companies’ cargo data can I track?

The cargo data for virtually all shipping companies calling at Dutch ports is available.

However, shipping companies do have the option of not making the cargo data available to view, either in whole or in part. If you are unable to track the data of a shipping company and feel you should be able to, please contact our service desk.

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Which terminals’ status data can I track?

An overview of our affiliated terminals can be found here.

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Which type of cargo can I track with Cargo Controller?

Cargo Controller is suitable for containers, trailers (accompanied/unaccompanied) and other equipments

Equipment type  Method of linking in the service Cargo Controller
Containers Container number + B/L number
Trailers Unaccompanied transport Trailer number + shipment number

For example, cargo via CLDN:
Shipment number = CLVW031699KGRT214
Equipment number (trailer number) = HMB739

Accompanied transport:
Registration number of tractor unit + shipment number

For example, cargo via Stena Line:
Shipment number = STNL0012345678001
Equipment number (registration number of tractor unit):  AB1788

Other equipments Equipment number as specified by the shipping company

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What are the technical requirements for using the Cargo Controller web screens?

Cargo Controller works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Proper functioning of Cargo Controller cannot be guaranteed when using other browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

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Which language is Cargo Controller available in?

Cargo Controller is available in Dutch and English. To change your preference, see instruction manual ‘Setting up e-mail notifications and screen language’.

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How can I add one or more users?

Users are automatically added to the PCS the first time they log in using IAMconnected. As the administrator, you then grant access to the appropriate services in User Management.

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At which terminals can I use Notification Local Clearance?

Most of the terminals connected to Portbase support the customs local clearance procedure.Almost all terminals will first check your customs permit before they allow local clearance notifications.

Via this document you can check which terminals allow document prenotifications under the local clearance procedure and whether they require prior approval. Please refer to the local clearance document types (bonded warehouse/import).

 If the terminal requires approval,  

contact the Portbase sales department and specify at which terminals you want to use the local clearance procedure. We will inform you about the approval procedure at these terminals.

After approval, you can submit document prenotifications to the terminal for goods you place under the local clearance procedure. You can do so from Notification Local Clearance by clicking on the ‘inform terminal’ button.

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