What do the status messages in Notification Export Documentation mean?

In the main screen of Notification Export Documentation, you can track various status notifications.

Three status messages on the left-hand side:  

  • The dots show the status from arrival at the terminal to the departure of the vessel. The dots eventually all turn green (in order from left to right) as the shipment moves through the terminal process.
  • Arrival status: Status of arrival at the terminal and for certain documents also the customs status on arrival (export and transit documents).
  • You can view the details of this status by clicking on the triangle at the end of the line. This takes you to the more extensive ‘track and trace’ section.
  • Loadconf. (loading confirmation):
  • Grey: The equipments belonging to the shipment have not (all) been loaded onto the vessel yet.
  • Green: All equipments belonging to the shipment have been loaded onto the vessel.
  • Manifest:
  • Grey: Export shipment not yet reported to customs on a manifest.
  • Orange: Export shipment partially reported to customs on a manifest.
  • Red: Manifest rejected by customs. Export shipment not yet reported on a manifest.
  • Green: Export shipment reported to customs on a manifest.

If the status is grey, this has not yet taken place. If you believe this status should be green, please contact the shipping company or ferry operator.

Status beside the booking number: 

  • This status indicates whether the booking number matches the number that the terminal has forwarded to us.
  • Green: The booking number is known at the terminal. Your document prenotification has been received by the terminal. You can drive to the terminal.
    Orange: Do not drive to the terminal. This booking number is not (yet) known at the terminal and this may prevent access to the terminal. Only drive to the terminal if a green check mark is shown here. Please contact the shipping company or ferry operator if you have any questions about the status or correctness of this booking number. For ferry operators, the booking number always begins with 4 letters. You can view an explanation here.

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