2023 November – Introduction DMS 4.1

With the introduction of DMS 4.1, a NID-notification will follow with a unique Movement Reference Number (MRN) . This can only be submitted via the service NID which means two new document types. The new procedure is going to use the following document types:

  • IAI: Registration in Import Administration (replaces DIN)
  • IAE: Registration in the Entrepot Administration (replaces DEN)

In either case, enter the MRN number which you received from Customs. The new document types can now be used with a system link. You can find the new specifications here.

Terminal approval

On the 1th of August 2023 we have automaticaly approved all customers of the service Local Clearance to use IAI and IAE, if they had a approved setting for the former doc types DIN and DEN.

If you weren’t a Local Clearance user, you’ll need a written approval from each terminal were you would like to submit these new doc types. You can send the approval from these terminals via e-mail towards sales@portbase.com.

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