Road Planning System Interface

Will be replaced in 2020 by Hinterland Container Notification Road

Road Planning System Link-up will be discontinued. Portbase will automatically migrate all existing customers to the renewed service Hinterland Container Notification (HCN) Road in Q4 2020. This service offers more user options and constitutes the basis for Portbase to further improve and expand its service provision in the future.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Making changes

I would like to adjust the arrival time, where and how can I do this?

Should the arrival time of a truck change, then you can adjust the ETA from the overview screen. Click on the timeslot to adjust the ETA.

Regarding APM Maasvlakte II, APM Terminals Rotterdam, Rotterdam World Gateway or Rotterdam Short Sea Terminals, the linked containers are pre-notified at the terminal again and the new status/TAR information is retrieved after the new ETA has been submitted. Hutchison Ports ECT Delta en Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax do not support the changing of pre-notifications. At these terminals, it is only possible to cancel the notification and reuse it for a new pre-notification or create a completely new one.

How can I delete my pre-notification? (Road Planning)

You can delete your pre-notification by selecting the checkbox next to the relevant line and clicking the ‘delete’ button at the bottom left. The pre-notification will next be cancelled at the relevant terminal.
This generates a Cancel message which must also be accepted by the terminal in order to change the status to cancelled.


Who do I need to contact for my Cargo Card?

If you encounter problems with your Cargo Card, your card has expired or you want to request a Cargo Card, you need to contact Secure Logistics. More information is available at:


For which terminals do I require a TAR code?

Terminals that use a TAR code are:
• APM Maasvlakte II
• APM Terminals Rotterdam
• Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG)

The other terminals (Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax, Hutchison Ports ECT Delta) do not use TAR codes.
You can also find this information in the functionality matrix under the heading ‘essential documents’.

Which terminals support status requests and which ones allow for pre-notifications to be updated and cancelled?

Under the heading ‘essential documents’ you will find the Functionality Matrix. Here, you can see which notifications are supported for each terminal.

Error messages

I have received an error message. What does this mean?

Pin doesn’t match or is expired, contact line operator.
The release does not match or has expired. Please contact the shipping line for assistance in this matter.

CDM - Customs document missing
If you receive the rejection ‘CDM blockade, DD.’ from the terminal, please consult your freight forwarder/importer to verify whether the terminal in question corresponds with the terminal selected by you. If this is the case, then please contact the Portbase Service Desk for a solution.

Rejection RUB25 - Booking is full
Please contact the shipping line to have the booking increased.

Rejection ORN - Booking is unknown
The acceptance order has not been submitted by the shipping line or you have submitted a wrong acceptance number.
If you receive this error message, your best option is to check the acceptance number.
If you are certain that this number is correct, then please contact the shipping line. They can check whether the acceptance order has been sent to the terminal. If all of the above proves correct, the container number may have been entered incorrectly.

BLA - Order (for line) not found, contact line operator.
Please contact the shipping line. You have probably selected a different shipping line than the one known at the terminal.

BLT- Blocked by terminal.
This is a general notification that states that the container cannot be collected or delivered. If the response message contains no additional data, you can contact the terminal for further information.

COR - Container not released
The shipping line has not yet commercially released the container.

BCO - Before cargo opening
This is the earliest possible moment on which an Export container may be delivered to the terminal (usually x days before the arrival of the ship).

ORN – the shipping company has not submitted the acceptance order, or you have entered an incorrect acceptance number
When this error message is displayed, the best thing to do is double-check the acceptance number. If you are absolutely certain this number is correct, you should contact the shipping company. They can verify for you whether or not the acceptance order has been submitted to the terminal.

If all of the aspects listed above are correct, it might be that the container number has been incorrectly entered in the Portbase system.

RUB20 – The booking number you submitted is registered in the terminal system as belonging to another shipping company
If you receive this error message, it is important to check which shipping company’s name is on the booking/release. If you do not know, the best thing for you to do is contact the client and/or the shipping company.

DUP - I have deleted the pre-notification and have resubmitted it, but now I am receiving a DUP error. What does this mean?

If your pre-notification is rejected for the reason: ‘DUP’ (duplicate), that means that a pre-notification with this container number and booking number already exists in the Hutchison Ports ECT Delta / Euromax terminal system. This other, existing pre-notification may have been created by you or by another party. It is also possible that the container has been pre-notified for a barge, train or seagoing vessel.

If you have created the pre-notification yourself, you will be able to look it up in the service Hinterland Container Notification. To find the pre-notification, enter the container number in question into the filter field and adjust the date.

If you are unable to locate the pre-notification, the best thing to do is contact the terminal and ask how (and from whom) they received the pre-notification.

If you find an earlier pre-notification that contains an error and is meant for an ECT terminal, you should cancel it. To do so, click the tick mark at the start of the line to select, then click ‘Delete’ at the bottom of the screen.

You will need to wait a moment until the terminal has confirmed the cancellation. Cancelled pre-notifications can be recognised by the thick, red X appearing next to them.

You will then need to submit the new pre-notification (the one that was rejected with the DUP message) once more.

This time it should be processed as usual. If not, and it is once again rejected with a DUP message, the pre-notification has probably not been fully erased from the terminal’s system just yet. In that case, the best thing to do is contact the terminal and work with them to solve the problem.

Hutchison Ports ECT Delta: +31 (0)18 127 83 29              /

Hutchison Ports ECT Euromax: +31 (0)18 137 72 00 (02/03) /

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